It's so great that you share this with us

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It's so great that you share this with us

Message  EffocaDa le Mer 3 Aoû - 9:56

Hello. Quote:You can use VOB2MPG to convert each movie to a single MPEG file.Load both MPEG files into DVD flick.Click 'Project Settings' > 'Video' > 'Advanced' and check 'Copy MPEG-2 Streams' - this ensures that the video is not recoded thus the authoring process is very fast.Elect to create a menu and each title will be assigned to it target="_blank"&gt converted the AVI files to DVD format.You wish those two movies to be on one disk with a menu.Use VOB2MPG to convert those VOB files to mpeg files - there is no encoding taking place, it simply joins the VOB files into one large .mpg file.When you load those (.mpg) files into DVD Flick (and if you have set the project as indicated above)they will not be encoded, they will be authored into a new DVD with a menu.


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